Suceava German School : 1774-1923

One of the most colorful collections we’ve seen is this bright blue school chronicle book with entries starting in 1884 when the school celebrated its 100th year anniversary. Affixed to the first page is a pink booklet containing the program of festivities on the occasion of the anniversary. The entire speech given by the current director is also reprinted in which he recounts the founding of the school in 1774 and its gradual development into one of the most respected schools in the region. Near the end is a Romanian poem praising the Habsburg rulers and their commitment to education. The poem was recited by one of the Romanian students dressed in the Romanian folk costume.

The book contains handwritten entries regarding school statistics (how many students of each ethnic group per year, how many graduated, how many held back), political events affecting the school, and other remarks including the ornate “doodle” posted above. The school was attended by Germans, Poles, Armenians, Romanians, and Jewish students; the latter attended the school from the beginning of the 19th century at least and by the interwar years comprised almost half of the student body. 

The school was closed in the early 1920s in the course of the Romanianization policies of the interwar Romanian government.