Suceava Boys Trade School : Diploma Receipts, 1930

Continuing on the theme of schools in Suceava, this collection consists of diploma receipts for graduates of one of the trade schools in 1930. Unassuming at first glance, these booklets of receipts have proven to be some of the only collections with photographs. Normally a picture of the student is affixed to his respective receipt. The receipt itself has little information other than the student’s name and birth place and date, but the pictures put faces on an otherwise anonymous task.

Like most schools in Suceava, the student body at this one was mixed. Interesting to note is that the Romanian students are almost always photographed in the national costume, whereas the German and Jewish students are wearing suits or street clothes. The few students from Burdujeni, a village outside Suceava which had been part of the Romanian kingdom, seem to be dressed less well off than the German and Jewish students from Suceava or Austrian-Bukovina villages. Another difference can be found in the names - whereas the Burdujeni Jewish students sometimes have Romanianized last names and more traditional Jewish names, the Suceava Jewish students bear German last names and often more (German) assimilated first names.