Masked balls, all-night dances, picnics, and opera in 1930s Câmpulung

Town hall archival collections contain a variety of documents related to everyday life, including the social scene. The young people of Câmpulung in the 1920s and ’30s participated in an array of cultural and social events. The large poster advertises an all-night dance party (from 9 p.m. - 5 a.m.) organized by the Social Democrat club.

The second document requests permission to hold an official picnic; amongst the Romanian clubs such as this one, hora dance events were also common. The Ber Borochov Jewish Cultural League (Zionist and Yiddish oriented) asks for authorization to hold a musical-literary evening with dancing and in the next letter, the social democrat youth club is at it again, planning a masked ball.

In the following document, the Czernowitz branch of the Romanian literary society, Junimea, plans to host a dance in the Schieber restaurant (where most of these events took place) and the last note is a request for authorization from the Viennese opera singer, Rena Pfiffer-Lax, to hold a concert. It’s difficult to imagine such a diverse cultural program taking place today in small but beautiful Câmpulung!