Statutes for the Mediasch / Medgyes / Mediaș Jewish Community

Probably the oldest documents found in the Mediaș archives are the community statutes, including the original Hungarian version signed and sealed in Budapest (then the capital) in 1894. The last page is signed by the leaders of the community - here we again find the names of Salomon Kappel and David Grünfeld, mentioned before as appearing in one of the Mediasch Nachbarschaft (neighborhood association) record books.

In addition to the original handwritten Hungarian version, there are typed translations in German and Romanian. My favorite part of the German version is section 3 which reads “The official language of the religious community is Hebrew, but until this is acquired, the German language shall be used temporarily.”

Since the record books of the community continued to be kept in German right up until World War II (when laws were passed mandating they be kept in Romanian), it appears Hebrew was never “acquired” - no surprise in this town and region which boasted no great centers of learning and where the small Jewish communities coexisted in relative peace with their multi-ethnic neighbors.